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Stop Motion Animation Tips, Quips and Tricks
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Welcome to "Stop Motion Tips, Quips and Tricks"

This community is built for all types of stop-motion animation lovers, amatures, students, industry workers and is geared towards the swapping of stories, tricks of the trade, sculpting suggestions, material reviews, etc.

Personal stories and help is encouraged, promotion of short films or festivals is also encouraged, but mass-spamming is not.

PS~ When showing off your awesome work, please tell us a bit of your creative process, the materials you used, how you built your puppet/set and other bits of interesting and neat factoids.

For starter reference, please see:
Stop-Motion Animation Dot Com

As this is a new community, we'll be relying on the members to create their own memories concerning things they've discovered along the way.

Your moderator is doc__holliday, who is learning, just like everyone else.
So let's get sculpting!